My name is Wangechi Gitahi, a young lady traveler from Kenya, Africa. I am a marketer by profession and a traveler by passion. My inquisitive mind, my adventurous nature, my insatiable need to learn more about my environment , thus led to me becoming a solo, female, Kenyan Backpacker, African Backpacker, World Packpacker and loving it 🙂

I have thus far traveled about 20 countries and counting, and over 200 towns all as a means to learn different cultures, landscapes and people, break stereotypes, inspire others to travel and to promote World Peace and Love. I thus identify as a traveler and not a tourist.

The more I travel, the more I see more similarities than differences regardless of race, status, culture, citizenship, continent, religion, creed, sexual orientation, skin colour etc. The Himba ladies of Namibia and the Turkana ladies of Kenya all adorn red colour as a form of beauty, the Asian community is very family oriented like the Africans, and all humanity bleeds- Red Blood, all of similar blood groups.

My travel blog thus shares actual stories from my travel experiences, showcasing the good and the bad. I share and breaksterotypes like, “those people are bad”, ” those people do not accept foreigners”, “those people are mean”, “those people……”. One fact remains, there are more good people than there are bad and there are more good places than bad. Some people are only misguided by “skewed information, ignorance and lack of exposure, which is what my blog seeks to do via offering honest, actual information. Thus, if a situation is bad, I identify “that individual” as bad, and not a whole grouping.

Travel and giving back are synonymous, as we take so much, learn so much and thus, giving of ourselves will and should be a part of your experience. I currently assist some students in Maralal and if you would like to join us, let me know.

I now also offer organized customized travel experiences via Wangechi Gitahi Travels, for those who wish to know more about their environment, country, continent and world. Our aim is to assist you to be come a traveller and not a tourist by ensuring you venture into the not so norm routes, to engage with the people and not just the place, to learn other cultures as you share yours, to connect people and best of all, to expose and break stereotypes of “those people” and encouraging more conversations of “us humans”.