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1. Botswana is officially known as the Republic of Botswana and its capital city is called Gaborone.

2.The citizens are referred to as Batswana while an individual is referred to as a Motswana

3. It is a landlocked country bordered by Zambia to the North, Namibia to the West and North, Zimbabwe to the North East and South Africa to the South and South East.

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4. Botswana is mainly a desert with about 70% of it being covered by the Kalahari Desert.

5. Its main income earners are mining, tourism and cattle. It is the highest producer of diamonds by value in the world.

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6. The official language is English but the most spoken language is Setswana.

7. It has the largest Elephant population in Africa.

8. It has a population of about 2 million people.

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9. The Okavanga Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage Center

10: Kenyans do not need a visa prior to visiting Botswana. Ensure you have you documentation in order.

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