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Eliye Springs Resort is located in Eliye Springs also known as Ille Springs in Turkana county, Kenya. When I ventured into Turkanaland as part of a solo backpacking mission, I was overwhelmed by how beautiful it is. I think I can best liken the area to an oyster. From the outer shell, it seems to be made of hard bare rock, that has been exposed to harsh conditions for a long time. If you are bold enough to touch it, rub its shell and be bold enough to open it up via exploration, you will be met with beautiful pearls in various forms, shapes and sizes. For more on my “Oyster” experience, check out:  https://www.wangechigitahitravels.com/the-best-kept-secret-that-is-eliye-springs-turkana/ and https://www.wangechigitahitravels.com/my-homecoming-to-turkanaland/ As I hardly knew much about the area, I was psychologically prepared to sleep in the open space, as I had done in my younger years-the joys of youth :-).   However, as we drove…

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