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Lodwar town is the capital of Turkana County, better known as Turkanaland. Turkana Land is located in Northern Kenya, a region that is greatly misunderstood by outsiders. They say if you truly want to know about a car, talk to its makers and read its manual. This is part of the reason that drove me to go on a solo backpacking, fact finding expedition into Turkana Land. I wanted to know and experience it from the source, learn about it from its locals, be guided by them and let it expose itself to me, in its rawest form. I discovered that it is like an oyster, seems rough from the outside, but is all forms of precious pearls within. I have shared about some of the pearls here https://www.wangechigitahitravels.com/the-best-kept-secret-that-is-eliye-springs-turkana/,   https://www.wangechigitahitravels.com/my-homecoming-to-turkanaland/  https://www.wangechigitahitravels.com/eliye-springs-resort-the-pearl-of-eliye-springs/

As I ventured into Turkanaland, with Lodwar being my first stop, I was anxious about so many things, one being where I would sleep.  I can hereby confirm that yes, there is quite a variety of accommodation options in  Lodwar. My highlight though is Cradle Tented Camp which offers luxury accommodation and  became my home for a few days. I stumbled upon it as I was exploring Lodwar and indeed, it seduced me at first glance and that is how I ended up being a guest.

The entrance to Cradle Tented Camp

They have various unique facilities that do indeed make it a “haven in Lodwar”. It is home to the only swimming pool in Lodwar which I assure you, is a major seduction noting that the area is generally hot.  I enjoyed swimming , the breeze that would blow from it as well as just enjoying the visual of the sun and moon light glistening on it.  It has a volleyball net that you can enjoy playing with friends and strangers and is open for use by the public at a small fee, but well worth it. The bandas around it allow you a place to relax while you also  enjoy a meal or a drink.

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Enticing swimming pool at Cradle Tented Camp, Lodwar, Turkanaland, Kenya
Cradle Tented Camp, Lodwar, Turkana
I enjoyed hanging out at this pool at Cradle Tented Camp, Lodwar, Turkana, Kenya
Cradle Tented Camp, Lodwar, Kenya
I hanged out at the pool so much, I started blending in with the environment

The restaurant is another favourite of mine with the couch area being my favourite. Their food is truly not only a welcome sight , but will tickle your tastebuds. I sampled several dishes and none disappointed with some looking so good on the plate, I stared longer than I should. They also have a well stocked bar and lounge area for when you need to enjoy sundowners :-).

Cradle Tented Camp, Turkana, Kenya
The view of the restaurant exterior at Cradle Tented Camp, Lodwar, Turkana, Kenya
Cradle Tented Camp, Turkana, Kenya
This fish was all forms of cute and sweet

One highlight that stood out for me though was how they put customer needs first. On one of the days, I slept in, thus arrived for breakfast after “breakfast time.” Unlike most facilities that would shrug their shoulders and apologise for your loss, the staff here smiled and actually prepared a full breakfast for me, with extras at no cost. This made me feel special and appreciated, thank you Cradle Tented Camp  team.

The restaurant at Cradle Tented Camp, Lodwar

Now, to the icing on the cake that is the accommodation available. The facility though called “Cradle Tented Camp”     offers more than just “tents. “They have Luxury Tented Camps,  which are of three types, the Superior, Executive and the Presidential Suite. They also have rooms that I would refer best to as “homes”, for those who believe that they must be surrounded by walls.  I opted for the Luxury Tented Camp with mine being Kailongkol.

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Cradle Tented Camp, Lodwar, Turkanaland, Kenya
Welcome to Kailongkol, welcome to my home

Now, these should not be called tented camps, they should be called “Havens in Lodwar.” From the outside, one is met by a beautiful green canvas tent cover, that is hidden behind a veranda of sorts. The verandah has a small lounge with seats and a table that allowed me to relax, enjoy the scenery,  and watch the moon at night and sunrise (I really love these.). Within the tent was my home, a beautiful, spacious, well furnished home. My “tent” had a beautiful double bed, that once I lay my eyes on it, I just wanted to snooze :-). It stood prominently in the middle of the room, a beauty to look at and indeed a beauty to sleep in, I assure you. The room is also furnished with a TV, a fridge that is restocked with two bottles of water daily, aircon, a mini lounge area, wardrobe and a safe.  The bathroom is all white and was well concealed from prying eyes yet felt freeing as it had no doors. It is also well furnished with interesting art pieces in addition to toiletries and I super liked the fact that they changed my sheets daily.

Cradle Tented Camp, Lodwar, Turkana, Kenya
Check out my fully furnished tented Camp at Cradle Tented Camp, Lodwar, Turkana, Kenya
Cradle Tented Camp, Lodwar, Turkana, Kenya
This beautiful comfortable bed, had me sleeping in on most days


Next up are the Superior rooms which are indeed a beauty, I think I will try these on my next visit. I propose that they should be called “homes” instead of rooms, as they are huge. They are very welcoming with all the decor and facilities well aligned as a blend of cultural and modern. These rooms even have a whole “lounge area” that can fit several people as well as a tv, aircon and fridge in addition to a huge bathroom.

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Now, last but not least is the Presidential suite-yes, I got a chance to see it and I dream of one day staying in it. This suite is huge, I think it should be called Presidential Home . The bed is a King size bed that just has your eyes drooping as you look at it. The interior design is also really nice combining traditional elements like a hide carpet with modern trimmings like couches and antiques like the aircon and the copper looking shower. Then shock on me, it  has a jacuzzi and two toilets to complete the bathroom.OK, my dreams are valid, this will be my home one of these days. The room also comes with a conference room nearby, away from prying eyes.

Cradle Tented Camp, it was an honour to have been your guest and now friend. Though I was travelling alone, I never felt “alone” as your staff took time to engage me . It is also great that your facility is located a few minutes from the town area and Lodwar airstrip as well as having unlimited internet access everywhere.I will be back soon and hopefully, fulfil my dream of staying at the presidential suite 🙂

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