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Machakos is located about 63km from Nairobi and thus an easy location to get away to. The area is dominated by the Akamba community, and it is generally a semi-arid place. The below are activities I have engaged in severally whenever we visit.

1. Visit Machakos Peoples Park

This is a popular public park that is indeed a joy to visit. The landscaping at the park makes it a beauty to look at and walk through, it has great scenery and a nice quiet place to picnic or relax. The  paths are well demarcated to ensure people keep off the grass as well as having several activities people can engage in. From Machakos town, it is about 1.5km and thus one can either walk or use a tuktuk. I have engaged in the following while there and highly recommend them:

a) Zip lining:

I was excited when we stumbled upon ziplining at this area and I just had to do it even as I convinced my friends to join in. As they dressed us up, the brevity started wearing out. As we climbed the staircase, fear and terror took over and looking at the aerial view only heightened the fear. Below us, a crowd had started gathering, people pointed at us and for a split second, I questioned our sanity. Oh well, we couldn’t have come this far to back out. We listened to the instructions, sit, lean back, hold on and we were pushed off. The ride was scary at first and then exciting as we got to zoom past the people below us while enjoying the aerial view. Go on, try it. The only recommendation I have is they “renovate” the stairs, a bit rickety and not an “encouraging” site.

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Zip lining at Machakos Peoples Park, Machakos, Kenya
Excitement galore as I Zip lined at Machakos Peoples Park, Machakos, Kenya

All geared up and ready to Zip line at Machakos Peoples Park, Machakos, Kenya


Zip lining at Machakos Peoples Park, Machakos, Kenya
David got to enjoy Zip lining at Machakos Peoples Park, Machakos, Kenya
Fun Times in Machakos
Vivianne having a go at Zip lining at Machakos Peoples Park, Machakos, Kenya
Fun Times in Machakos
The staircase leading to the Zip lining at Machakos Peoples Park in Machakos, Kenya

b) Boat Ride

One can also enjoy an amazing boat ride on the  Maruba dam. We opted to use MV Machakos, which is a traditional boat that required manual rowing. It also allowed us to experience sailing as the wind also propelled the boat. It was perfect, the boat slowly sailed on the water as we watched the sunset. Who said one has to have lots of money to sail?  I highly recommend it and more so it can fall under romantic experiences to be tried out.  I also took time to learn how to row which is a new hobby I have picked up. The only recommendation I would have for them is to  upgrade or renovate the internal look of this boat.

Fun Times in Machakos
Our boat that navigated the Maruba dam at Machakos peoples Park, Kenya
Fun Times in Machakos
MV Machakos, our ride across Maruba Dam at Machakos Peoples Park, Machakos, Kenya
Fun Times in Machakos
Learning tips from the captain on how to sail a boat

c) Amphitheatre:

This is the only amphithetre in Africa and it is indeed a sight. We had the privilege to actually enjoy entertainment as there was a music extravaganza that was happening on one of my visits. It was unique to watch the show whilst we enjoyed the twinkling stars above and fresh air at the same time.

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d) Dancing Fountain:

This was indeed a great spectacle and happened at night. The fountain danced along to the soothing music and when the colour of the water changed, you wont want to blink.

e) Restaurants 

There is a wide array of restaurants that will provide delicacies to suit all tastes.

f)The layout:

I congratulate the team that developed the layout. The park is beautifully done, the walk ways clearly designated, the lawn well done and there are activities for all, children, adults, so go on, enjoy.

2) Visit Kituluni Hill

This is a must, must, must visit. I had heard of a place that defies gravity, that is mystical, and mindboglling. I had heard that vehicles riding uphill could do so without a driver, the “opposite gravitational pull” would pull the car upward-strange ha!. I had heard that, if one pours water on the slope down hill, the water would flow upwards, defying gravity. I wanted to see this for myself and sure enough, I got to see this. At first I was scared, after a while I was totally in awe. My friend Vivian tested the car theory and true to it, the vehicle drove itself uphill. We had forgotten to carry water, worry not, a few entrepreneurial men were available with water on the ready, to show us this gravity defying action, for a price. I insist, seeing is believing, make a visit. If driving via private means, drive from Machakos town to Kitulini Hill, which is about 12km away. You can also hire a taxi or boda boda, they will know where this place is.The challenge though is that there is no signage, lucky for me I was with a local from the area.

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3: Tea-Tot

You have not been to Machakos, if you have not visited t-tot. This is a restaurant that has been here for years and is a sort of landmark for the area. They are famous for their great food with the most popular being their Samosas, you must sample this. I assure you, you will eat several and even buy several to carry home. Also sample the other food varieties available.



Machakos has lots to offer from the amazing landscape that is made up of  hills and valleys,  to the Machakos Peoples Park to the warm and friendly locals. Take time to visit, I assure you, you will have a blast like us.



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