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1.Malawi is officially known as Republic of Malawi.

2. It is a landlocked country and its capital city is called Lilongwe.

3. It is bordered by Mozambique to the East, West and South, Zambia to the Northwest and Tanzania to the Northeast.

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4. It has a population of about 18 million people.

5. The official languages is English while the national language is Chichewa.

6. Lake Malawi is the ninth largest lake in the world. It is the second deepest and the third largest lake in Africa.

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7. Lake Malawi is shared by Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania and is also known as Lake Nyasi.

8. Its main income earner is agriculture.

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9. The citizens of Malawi are called Malawians.

10. A Kenyan does not require a visa prior to travel to Malawi.

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