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Back Packing Asia


1.It is officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand and its capital city is Bangkok. 2.Their official language is Thai but most of them also speak English especially in the major towns. 3.The head of  state is a King while the Prime Minister is the head of  Parliamentary government. 4.It has the second largest economy in South East Asia and is made up of 1430 islands. 5.The dominant religion is Buddhism and they are open to all religions. 6. It is the only country in South East Asia that was not colonized by a European country 7.It is densely populated, especially in Bangkok. 8. It is bordered by  Myanmar /Burma to the North and West, Laos to the North and East, Cambodia to the South East and Malaysia to the South. 9. The head is revered by the Thai people, thus never touch someones head, even children. The feet on…

Indonesia  is found in South East Asia and is known officially as the Republic of Indonesia. Its capital is Jakarta It is the largest archiepelego in the world having about 17,508 islands. Their official language is Indonesian Bahasa although most people also speak English It is the worlds largest Muslim majority nation and is open to all religions . The men and women do not generally mix and thus you will find Men and Women sitting in separate areas in most public transport. The population of Indonesia is over 260 million people . There are over 200 ethnic groups, which translates to lots of cultures to learn about. It has varied biodiversity attractions from over 400 active volcanoes, to being home to the Komodo dragon Most places and homes use water in the toilet instead of tisssue paper. Ensure you carry adequate supply of tissue as you move around The…

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