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Ministry of Tourism Singapore


Singapore is a very developed country located in South East Asia. It has won many accolades and is currently referred to as a financial hub. Narratives on travel to Singapore cautioned that it was too expensive and thus one should plan a very short trip. I wish I hadn’t been scared off and had opted instead to plan a longer visit as budget travel is possible. 1)See and visit the  Garden by the Bay This Garden is indeed a spectacle-especially at night when the lights are on. It is made up of several tall metal structures lined with an array of exotic plants, flowers and lights. One can enjoy a  great view and picture from a distance due to the great height of the garden structures. Make sure you visit the outer gardens which are free to visit, the inner ones have an entrance fee charged. You can carry a packed…

1.It is officially known as the Republic of Singapore and it is such a small country that its capital city is called Singapore 2. It is located in South East Asia and its neighbouring countries are Malaysia and Indonesia 3.Their official languages are English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. 4. It was colonized by England and Japan, and had previously merged with Malaysia before becoming independent. 5.It is one of the worlds major commercial and financial hubs 6) Singapore has one of the Best Airports I have ever visited.They have computers that you can use for free while you wait,they allow free calls within Singapore on their public phone or use of your credit card to call internationally. 7.The citizens are called Singaporeans and as per my experience, they are very impersonal. It was rare to see people laughing, talking or communicating even on public transport let alone on the streets. 8.…

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