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South East Asia


Manila is the capital City of the Republic of Philippines. It is the economic hub and thus has developed greatly  in various sectors like infrustructure, education, financials and general lifestyle of the people. I however was overwelmed and happily so, with the history and culture that they appreciate and continue to maintain to date. I enjoyed the following activities and highly recommend the same: 1. Walk around Intramuros: Intramuros is Spanish for “Within the Walls” as this town is fortified by high walls. The walls were built to protect the residents from invasions and still stand strong. As I walked through the town, I felt like I had been teleported into the Spanish colonial times or what I think they may have looked like. On the walls, cannons stand ready to fight off any threat, the infrastructure is dominantly Spanish inspired with brightly coloured buildings and narrow streets. The soldiers…

1.The country is officially known as the Republic of Philippines. 2. It is located in South East Asia and is made up of 7641islands.  It is divided into three regions, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and its capital city is Manila. 3. The formal languages spoken are Tagalog and English. However, as one travels to different regions, the residents will prefer to speak the dominant language of the areae.g if you visit the Visayas Region, they speak Bisaya 4. They are the largest Christian nation in  Asia and the worlds forth largest Christian country with the majority being Catholic. 5.It was  colonized by three countries, Spain, Japan and America. 6.The airport charges tax-cash.Therefore, make sure you always carry cash, in Pesos- that you will pay as tax at all the airport whenever you are departing. This is regardless of whether  its a local or international flight. 7.They have traditional mens clothing…

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