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Travel South East Asia


Singapore is a very developed country located in South East Asia. It has won many accolades and is currently referred to as a financial hub. Narratives on travel to Singapore cautioned that it was too expensive and thus one should plan a very short trip. I wish I hadn’t been scared off and had opted instead to plan a longer visit as budget travel is possible. 1)See and visit the  Garden by the Bay This Garden is indeed a spectacle-especially at night when the lights are on. It is made up of several tall metal structures lined with an array of exotic plants, flowers and lights. One can enjoy a  great view and picture from a distance due to the great height of the garden structures. Make sure you visit the outer gardens which are free to visit, the inner ones have an entrance fee charged. You can carry a packed…

Manila is the capital City of the Republic of Philippines. It is the economic hub and thus has developed greatly  in various sectors like infrustructure, education, financials and general lifestyle of the people. I however was overwelmed and happily so, with the history and culture that they appreciate and continue to maintain to date. I enjoyed the following activities and highly recommend the same: 1. Walk around Intramuros: Intramuros is Spanish for “Within the Walls” as this town is fortified by high walls. The walls were built to protect the residents from invasions and still stand strong. As I walked through the town, I felt like I had been teleported into the Spanish colonial times or what I think they may have looked like. On the walls, cannons stand ready to fight off any threat, the infrastructure is dominantly Spanish inspired with brightly coloured buildings and narrow streets. The soldiers…

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