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David Carmona, France – Wangechi est une amoureuse de l’Afrique.

Inconditionnel voyageuse et aventurière elle connait chaque recoins du Kenya.
Elle ma guide au travers des villes, des campagnes et des parcs nationaux de son pays avec passion.
J’ai le sentiment d’en avoir pris plein les yeux et d’en savoir beaucoup plus sur les différentes tribus et la richesse culturel de ce pays.
Elle est venu me chercher directement a l’aéroport et nous avons passe quelques jours a Nairobi avant de rendre visite a sa famille de Nyeri. Puis nous avons traverse différents parcs nationaux tel que Nakuru ou Masai Mara.
Elle a été mon guide personnel pour 1 mois et a fait de mon voyage un moment inoubliable.
Encore Merci,


Susan -Nairobi, Kenya

I went on a backpacking tour, a first for me to four counties with Wangechi Gitahi Travels; Meru, Maua ,Isiolo and Samburu counties. It was an amazing road trip that we traversed via PSVs, an experience of a lifetime!! I came to know that each county has its own attractions, no matter where you travel there is always something that will amaze you. The itinerary of the trip was perfect with well-chosen things to see and experience. I remember the road side discussions with mirra vendors in Meru, the lovely hotel in Isiolo where we stayed, the magnificent Catholic Church building in Maua and the highlight of the trip was learning the Samburu Culture in Archers Post and taking part in their traditional dances. The trip was quite different from what other tour companies are offering- I experienced the world by being immersed in it. Thank you for opening my eyes to new destinations and experiences. Wangechi Gitahi Travels, I will definitely be back for more fun and adventure! The trip far exceeded my expectations.

Winnie's testimonial-Wangechi Gitahi


I travelled to Maralal with Wangechi Gitahi Travels in August 2016. I had always wanted to go for the Camel Derby which is held annually in Maralal town. Come mid-July I reached out to the only person whom I knew would definitely have insights on how to make it happen. With her love for African culture, adventure and travel there was no going wrong with my selection. Thanks to her expansive travels within the unchartered Northern part of Kenya and her great connections we were hosted by a Jirte in Maralal who made our stay and adventure even more memorable. On the day of the Derby, Wangechi organized for shopping in the local town for jewelry and akala shoes. I tell you we blended in very well with our new attire. At the main grounds where the derby was happening we got a chance to see the flag off of the camel race surprisingly or not so surprisingly all participants of the Derby were locals. We visited the cultural center and even got to join in the dances and explore Samburu culture. Travelling with Wangechi Gitahi travels is nothing short of a personalized trip full of adventure and fun. Would definitely recommend it.

Giraffe Center-Nairobi

Picking Tea in Farm - Nyeri

View from the top of the world- Mount Kilimanjaro

Bird watching in Wajee Nature Park

Camel Derby

Tea Farm Visit-Nyeri

Equator Crossing-Nanyuki

Maasai Mara-Narok

Riding Boda Boda in Kakamega

Boat ride on Lake Victoria-Kisumu

Lighting a fire in Archers post

Cultural Integration

Cultural Integration


Shopping for shoes in Maralal Town

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Wangechi Gitahi Travels is owned and managed by Wangechi Gitahi. It was started as a response to your overwhelming requests to travel with her, so as to also engage and experience the world in its rawest and purest form. She is a traveler by passion who has over 10 years experience in exploring the world, engaging in unique travel experiences, travel blogging and creating amazing travel experience engagements. She and her team are all travel gurus, skilled in different facets of travel from budget, luxury, backpacking, adventure, cultural immersion, travel buddy to travel consultancy. Being passionate travelers to date, they are able to better relate and understand customer tastes, preferences, personalities and thereafter create amazing, unique, travel experiences that the world has to offer. Our motto is “We offer Travel experiences, not trips” . We believe that travel experiences are more engaging, wholistic, life changing, important in breaking stereotypes and thus promoting more Love and Peace in the world. Let us start you on your unique travel experience Now