Our Services

We don’t plan trips, we offer/create experiences. We specialize on customized experiences, as everyone’s needs and pleasures vary.

  • Travel Buddy

    This is for those who want to travel, explore and experience different destinations but know no one with similar interest or free time. No need to cancel your trip or kill your travel dream or postpone, we will provide you with a travel buddy. This friend will offer you ‘company’ to explore at your convenience.

  • Travel Consultancy

    This is for thinking of traveling but are overwhelmed by all the available information. You have travel experience you wish to engage in but have no idea where to start. Relax, we will release you of the stress by, sorting and availing to you ‘only’ what meets your needs.

  • Backpacking

    This is for those who want to appease their adventurous, independent, free spirit nature. You want to engage more with the locals and nature, discover new destinations, discover unique activities and see more than just the popular sights, all without being held hostage by an itinerary inscribed in stone.

  • No fuss travel

    This is for those who want to travel and have an amazing experience without lifting a finger. This is for those who want to leave their ‘analytical tendencies’ for a while to relax and to let someone else worry and do all the work. We will happily cater to your needs and allow you the freedom to only cater to your personal belongings.

  • Cultural Immersion

    If you are curious and/or awed by people, lifestyles, mannerisms, belief systems, basically all things culture- you have found the ultimate partner. We believe in immersing oneself in authentic, cultural experiences sourcing it from its core, experiencing it in its rawest authentic form to truly appreciate the beauty that is culture and its diversity. Brace yourself for cultural immersion opportunities that are not ‘text book’ experiences, you are in for the ride of your cultural life.